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City and Guilds Qualifications

Louise offers City and Guilds Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications in Millinery. 

Level 2 is the perfect place to start in your millinery journey, Even with limited skills and knowledge, you will be able to commence your studies at Level 2. this course lasts approximately 8 months and is split into two units.

Unit 1 –  An introduction into the skills and knowledge required to proceed in any type of craft. By the end of this unit candidates will be able to

  • use primary colours to produce secondary colours, add black and white to produce tints, tones and shades

  • explore the qualities of line and mark-making

  • demonstrate the relationship between shape and form

  • create a range of surface textures using simple techniques.

Unit 2 – A specific unit for Millinery. You will be taught skills in the practice of millinery and in the knowledge of materials, techniques and processes applicable to this level of work

During the course you will:

  • measure the head correctly

  • block, press and stiffen a variety of materials in the correct sequence

  • recognise the characteristics of a range of millinery materials and fabrics

  • use tools and equipment carefully and safely

  • make up head fitting wires, brim wires and head ribbons correctly

  • select hat styles to compliment a variety of face shapes (including the wearing of spectacles)

  • cut and adapt patterns for hats

  • interline hats, as appropriate

  • make up a variety of hats using a range of materials

  • finish hats correctly

  • understand Health and Safety requirements of specific chemicals and equipment used

  • understand the correct methods of storing hats

  • reduce and enlarge hats as required

  • sample the techniques and processes listed below:

    • blocking felt – pinning, pressing, drying, stiffening, use of canvas to extend crown after blocking brim

    • blocking straw – soaking, blocking, the use of blocking net as an extension, blocking brim before crown, extending crown

    • head fitting ribbon – f fitting and attaching correctly

    • wire – joining, brim wires, head fitting wires

    • finishing  edges 

    • trimming – bow, drape, bow loop in fabric bow, drape, bow loop, folded, cockade in Petersham flowers including a rose veiling and draping.

Level 2 courses commence throughout the year and are run at a pace to suit 

Level 3 is a the natural progression from level 2 and lasts approximately 12 months, this course is also split into two units

Unit 1 –provides the means to develop a design reference for craft, through a series of outcomes demonstrated by a body of practical work. By the end of this unit you will be able to

  • research and select sources of inspiration and develop design ideas

  • research and use contextual studies – contemporary, historical and cultural

  • use a range of materials, mediums and techniques

  • use a range of styles and sizes of presentation methods

  • produce and present exploratory and finished design projects

  • operate tools and equipment safely and effectively

  • appreciate the application of general design development studies to the craft.

Unit 2 is Millinery specific You will gain skills in the practice of Millinery and a thorough knowledge of materials, techniques and processes applicable to this level of work.  By the end of the unit you will be able to;

  • apply innovative and complex design ideas to planning and making

  • plan, prepare and manage the making of complex Millinery items to a design brief

  • operate tools and equipment carefully, safely and effectively for complex techniques applicable to Millinery

  • make complex Millinery items to a high standard of craftsmanship, to a design brief

  • appreciate the contextual influences relating to Millinery at this level

  • use effective presentation skills to display completed items

The courses are held via a mixture of video meetings and in person at my Workshop in Malvern Wells. Classes take place mainly during the week but limited weekend classes may be arranged to suit.

More information can be found in the links below and please do get in touch with any questions:

Louise Pocock's Experience

As one of the highest qualified teachers of millinery in the UK, Louise has extensive experience in retail and private commissions giving a full understanding of the commercial aspects of millinery alongside the artistic acumen required for success.


Louise holds the following formal qualifications:

  • City & Guilds Millinery (Levels 2 and 3 and Level 3 Advanced Diploma);

  • PTLLS. Cert. Qualified to Teach Adults over 16 Years of Age;

  • Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Fashion and Textile Design.

All millinery lessons are normally taught by Louise in person, although the Art & Design module may be taught by a highly respected and talented professional specialist at Louise's discretion.

A museum or exhibition visit, either as a group with your peers or on your own will also be required in addition to your teaching schedule.

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