The face covering idea started when I was getting a take away pizza from Da Luigi Bistro in Chipping Campden, Marco was wearing one of the ubiquitous white masks and asked for something more comfortable and better looking, I went home, found this pattern on the internet recommended by my friend Kerry and got sewing (having eaten the pizza first obviously!

I don't proclaim to be an expert but these face coverings are not intended for medical purposes but rather to help slow the transmission of the virus by containing it. Think of it as protecting each other. In normal circumstances we would not have to wear these but as it is increasingly likely the government will eventually ask us to do so I thought if we had to wear one then it may as well look good. They are made by myself at home on my domestic sewing machine, please contact me if you have any problems with them and I will do my best to help.


They are made out of cotton and poly-cotton with an outer colourful layer and an inner lining, there is no filter in between as this would offer a false sense of security and I can't get a good enough one anyway. Being cotton they should be machine washable but I have not tested this and recommend hand washing in warm soapy water.

Some masks have elastic to go around the back of your head  and can be adjusted to go around the ears, all you need to do is cut the elastic shorter, and re-tie the knot, to hide the knot tuck it into the seam in the side of the mask. Other masks are already styled to go around the ears with the elastic able to be adjusted to fit with the knot tucked into the seam as above.


Some of the medium and large sizes have a mould-able wire which goes over the bridge of the nose, pinch this wire gently so it fits the contours of your nose for a secure fit.

Remember the purchase of this item allows you 10% off any of my hats or off any of my hat making workshops, please present the slip to take advantage of this.

To purchase a face covering please contact me, each one costs £15 with £1.50 P&P on up to 3 masks, for larger orders and to check stock levels please contact me first. Please make sure you state the size (S, M or L)   

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